DRF Roofing


DFR Roofing are one of the biggest roofing specialists in the south west.

My role on this project was to design and build the site for the company, replacing their old dated website, giving the company the professional web presence to highlight the various roofing works they have carried out, and the wide variety of systems they specialise in.

One Snowboarding


One Snowboarding is a freestyle snowboard camp based all over Europe. Run by Olympic Snowboarder Dan Wakeham and Head Coach of the British Freestyle Snowboard Team Hamish McKnight.

I built this site from a design by 4play graphix. This site uses Wordpress as a content management and blogging system. I have added to this functionality by writing a custom wordpress plugin to handle the booking process for their camps, the client can create camps, add a number of display rules for each camp, and track payment details using a custom paypal payment notification



Although I am not a Christian, I worked in house as a web-developer for God TV. God TV uses drupal to handle more than 400,000 users.

I had many roles here from building a flash on-demand video streaming player, theming all aspects of drupal front end elements and custom modules, dynamic schedule display, mass email marketing and many more uses of css, jquery/javascript, xhtml and php.



Jsurf is an ecommerce site, with a photo upload facility and membership functionality, the back end of this site was custom built for the needs of the client.

It was my job to build the site template and implement the back end functionality at runtime, this site is built using tables as opposed to css due to restrictions of the back end code.