Here are a few of my mix-tapes, I will get around to making some more soon:

Dubsteppin (Dub)

Riveration (D&B)

Riveration 2 (D&B)

3 Lions of rudah (D&B)

Mix 2 (D&B)

Personal Domain

This was a project I made for a 4d module at uni in 2005, I filmed and edited the whole thing.

I was trying to achieve a 3d camera pan, a "matrix" effect. To do this I skated the same line around the park about 25 times, filming it from a different angle each time. It was a very hot day, I skated for about 2 hours without really stopping, needless to say I was pooped. Unfortunately, due to an old hard drive malfunction, I only have this low quality version, so apologies for the bad quality.

ScratchPatch V1_1

ScratchPatch V1_1: An investigation into the manipulation of sound through gesture control.

I developed the scratch patch using Max MSP and Ms Pinky. I am actually featured on the Ms pinky website here, for info please check out the mini site.