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Text enlargement

With both Firefox and Internet Explorer you can enlarge the text size and also zoom in and out of page content. Indeed, all modern browsers have text enlargement options. This website has been designed and developed to allow for text to be enlarged to some degree.

This website can also be easily read by audio screen readers and other such technologies, and uses appropriate use of alternative text for images and titles for image replaced text.

Flash and Javascript

Some on this website perform best with Javascript enabled, although all content is available should Javascript be disabled / unavailable.

Some of the examples in the Work and Projects use a combination of both Javascript and Flash. Provisions have been made for users who do not have the designated Flash plugin installed (version 8) - a static image of the portfolio example, and a link to download and install Flash, is displayed for users without Flash.

The latest Flash plugin can be downloaded from:


This website is hand-coded using valid XHTML and CSS code and all appropriate measures are taken to unsure that mark-up remains clean. If you do pick up on any validation errors, please contact me and I will sort them out

Note: on some of my sites, i have had to make some css "hacks" to ensure things display properly in ie6, so these workarounds wont quite validate in CSS level 2.1, but do validate in CSS level 3 ;)